When Do You Need to Get an Electrical Inspection?

An Electrical Inspector

The majority of Australians use some amount of electricity on an average day. This is usually a safe, mundane activity we don’t think much about. However, when not installed correctly, electrical equipment can be a hazard. That’s why there are regulations and rules in place that provide guidelines for safe installation and use.

This is where electrical inspections come in. If you are planning to build a new structure, update an old structure, or make changes to your home, then you may need to schedule an inspection. The following list outlines situations that require an electrical inspection by a licensed professional.

  • Updating Old Wiring – If you are replacing wiring in your home, then you should have an electrical inspection done. A professional can verify that everything is compliant with regulations, and all safety precautions are in place. This is especially true for older homes where most or all wiring is being updated.
  • Prepping for Storms – Storms can cause lighting and damage to power lines, which can cause power surges and outages. If you want to make your home as safe as possible from electrical storm damage, then have an inspection done. An electrician can make recommendations to lower your risk and protect your home and devices.
  • Buying a New Home – You should have an electrician inspect your new home before buying it. They can identify any hidden problems that the sellers may not have mentioned or didn’t know about. These are things that can affect a home’s value as well as safety, which could impact your ability to obtain financing. Know what to expect now so that there are no surprises later.
  • Building a New Home – New construction will have to have new wiring installed. It’s great to have brand new equipment and components. An electrical inspection should be scheduled after the work is done and before you move in. This will ensure that no corners were cut, and nothing was overlooked.
  • Work That Effects Wiring – If you make renovations or perform other work on your home that affects or involves wiring or electrical components, you may need to have an inspection. This should be done as a precaution to make sure nothing was accidentally damaged, altered, or improperly installed during the project.
  • If You Haven’t Had One in a While – It is your duty to make sure that your living space remains safe. Many homeowners schedule regular electrical inspections as part of this process. This will allow you to identify potential problems before they have a chance to damage your property and endanger the lives of those who live there.

Schedule Your Electrical Inspection

Scheduling an electrical inspection should be done in advance when starting any projects or before moving into a new home. You should receive a certificate of compliance from the electrician who completed the work to verify that everything was tested and complies with regulations. Keep this in a safe place to reference in case you need electrical work done in the future.